Love Without A Contract

Jesus spoke often of love through patience, forgiveness, selflessness and understanding. He shared with people how to LOVE through parables such as the prodigal son, who despite his shortcomings the father still took him back, forgave and loved him. He showed how the Pharisees, despite their attempts at keeping their laws that without LOVE, all their attempts at self-justification meant nothing to God. Continue reading “Love Without A Contract”

Accept All Substitutes

I really hope I don’t offend anybody with this article, I am really do mean this very tongue-and-cheek. Lets face it, for those of us who grew up in these environments, we have all asked the same questions at one time or another. The point of this article is to show that creating a law against a vice to manage a heart issue, does nothing to change the heart because our nature is to simply find another vice as an outlet for our issue. True change is only by changing the heart through the power of the cross and having the faith that Jesus can change your heart. Continue reading “Accept All Substitutes”