Faith Without Works – A Look at James and Paul

You may have heard it said that faith without works is dead. This is often used as a way to push on the church that salvation is based on our works, rather than the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Some folks struggle to believe that Jesus covered everything for us, and the cross was enough, and instead live their lives trying to justify themselves to God so they can have Him in their debt for their good works. Continue reading “Faith Without Works – A Look at James and Paul”

Halloween – What Does the Bible Say?

Many of our holidays like Christmas and Halloween are a culmination of various traditions and customs from a melting pot of cultures over the centuries. Many festivals are set around the change of seasons, the movements of the sun and moon to mark the seasons for planting and harvesting like Halloween. Much like anything else, the devil has done his best to pervert our celebrations in an attempt take yet another thing away from us. Continue reading “Halloween – What Does the Bible Say?”

Your Sin Is Bigger Than Mine

When it comes to sin and what we consider sin, we are never completely honest with ourselves. We project our issues onto others and we blame our issues things, rather than looking at our hearts and changing how we think. We create levels of sin, so that we can justify our sin as “lesser sins” than another sin to try and make ourselves more righteous than another fellow “bigger sinner”. We are quick to chastise a homosexual, while we ourselves are gluttons, filled with pride and self-righteousness. Continue reading “Your Sin Is Bigger Than Mine”